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  • Marc Hauser

Cannabis Musings - December 27, 2022

Friends – it’s a tradition of these Cannabis Musings to look back on my predictions for the year and see how I did. With that, I present to you a recap in sonnet form (with apologies to Shakespeare).

The Senate did not help the industry

By making it much cheaper to go bank.

The feds don’t want to have it be easy

And thus, the cannabis stocks they did tank.

The M & A market slowed to a crawl

As capital continued its retreat.

Lo multiples and profits did appall,

So deal makers signaled their defeat.

Hemp, oh hemp, what can we even say?

You’re now used to produce a mild high.

Oh when will we hear from the FDA?

The states, they’re not just idly standing by.

Interstate limitations took a hit.

My lawyer job I did so fin’ly quit.

It was a very challenging year for the industry all around, meaning that my predictions for a lot of pain (á la Clubber Lang) were unfortunately generally correct. Next week we’ll take a look at the year ahead, and start to dig into some of the lessons we’ve all learned.

Thank you to all of my readers for sticking with Cannabis Musings over the past years and across platforms. I truly appreciate the dialogue. And if your interest in the cannabis industry is growing or reorganizing, or you would like to share your own ode to cannabis, drop me a line and let’s see if I can help with creative solutions, cost-saving measures, and doggerel.

© 2022 Marc Hauser and Hauser Advisory.None of the foregoing is legal, investment, or any other sort of advice, and it may not be relied upon in any manner, shape, or form.Subscribe to Cannabis Musings at

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